Sliced Tomatoes With Feta and Basil


This is one of my favorite recipes from Buzzfeed’s clean eating challenge (here is the link to the original recipe, and you can find instructions for taking the challenge here). You can do the challenge for one week or longer (they have a few weeks on their site now); each week gives you a grocery list of items you’ll need to get on Sunday, along with recipes for each week’s meals and snacks. You follow all the recipes in order, because some recipes use left-overs from previous meals.

I’ve only ever been able to complete part of week 1 (so far!) because: 1. the grocery list is expensive and week one’s groceries were all I could afford at the time, and 2. it is made to feed one person, and I normally always cook for my boyfriend and myself. Even with the modifications I had to make, just purchasing the grocery list for week 1 and following many of the recipes taught me a lot about planning and prepping super tasty clean/fresh foods.


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