Treat Yo Self Fruit Slushies

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Okay, so I know diet soda is bad for me, but I drink it with liquor all the time anyway-so I figure why not enjoy it in a treat that is full of healthy vitamins/minerals, hydrating, and filling? Blending diet seven up with yummy frozen fruits gives me an energy boost and makes me feel pampered.

Healthy eating is very important to me, it makes me happier and improves my life in so many ways, but so does another philosophy I live by….a philosophy which is summed up so eloquently by the Parks and Rec characters Tom and Donna, in the immortal words: Treat Yo Self  (link to video).

I believe that (smart) indulgences are essential to a healthy lifestyle. They allow you to unwind and rest that ‘willpower muscle’ in your brain. Becoming healthier isn’t about living a life of torture and punishment, willpower (like a muscle) can be over-worked and break down. If you’re trying to be healthier, you should think of your journey as long-term exercise in strength-training (as opposed to, oh I dunno, signing up for a cross-fit competition three weeks away, if you’ve never tried it….).  Also, who wants to live like a weight-lifting Spartan without any liquor?

With that in mind, below are some of my favorite slushy recipes. I’ve listed the ingredients, for each of them, just blend the frozen fruit with the diet soda.

Peaches and Cream Slushy:

  • 1/2 bag frozen peaches
  • 2 liter diet cream soda

Mixed Berry Slushy (pictured above):

  • 1/2 bag of your favorite mixed berries
  • 2 liter diet 7 up

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