DIY Hair Conditioner


Cooking healthier can be expensive. That’s why I try to save money at the grocery store whenever I can. Despite this, I have to be careful about using quality hair products (I sill only use the moderately expensive “So Soft” shampoo). Being 50% Greek, it’s a delicate balance for me to achieve a state of moisturized, yet not-greasy, hair. When I found this way cheap, SUPER easy, recipe for DIY hair conditioner on buzzfeed, it immediately made my weekend to do list.

It’s made with only three simple natural ingredients (so you know its chemical free and cheap as hell)…well four ingredients if you decide it’s so awesome you need to buy a special container to store it in your shower. To make it you simply need to blend: 1 can coconut milk, 1 tbsp honey, and 1 tbsp olive oil. This recipe is a money saver, that also decreases your exposure to chemicals that supposedly (according to hippies) will likely give you cancer, and it makes your hair smell awesome. High-fiving a million angels.


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