My 25th Birthday: An Awesome Week.

photo (5)

This past Wednesday was my 25th Birthday. Last weekend, I planned on celebrating by going to my first ever Tiger’s game with my Mom, Gabe, and my Mom’s legal team (who bought our tickets). Gabe and I drove from Grand Rapids Friday night during a bad storm; when we finally made it to the MGM in Detroit, we were surprised by how nice our hotel was, while still having a great dive bar downstairs (the Tap Room-they even made their own pickles and had a fantastic Bloody Mary).

For the game on Saturday afternoon, we had brunch in the Tiger’s club (which had some awesome raw fish, bruschetta, and a Bloody Mary bar). After the game the head of my Mom’s law firm gave us a tour of his office, and although we were wanting to get over to the free Wolfgang Puck dinner my Mom had scored in the casino the previous night (where they had a t.v. playing the State game Gabe wanted to watch), the view justified our walk there.

photo (2)

At dinner that night, I was too busy enjoying the my sword-fish, garlic-sauteed spinach, and wild rice to remember to take pictures, but I did get a shot of the baked Alaskan our (hot) Italian waiter brought us for a birthday dessert.


The weekend had already exceeded my expectations and then some, when upon getting home Sunday night, Gave surprised me with tickets to a Black Keys concert at the Van Andel (how he kept that one a secret up to a half-hour before the show, I have no idea).


Wednesday, on my actual birthday, Gabe and I had planned a simple low-key dinner. When I got home from work that day, I felt so totally lucky/spoiled to find my apartment cleaned and vacuumed (after a particularly messing cooking session the night before), and the best presents ever! He got me the entire Art of French Cooking box set, flowers, and a fifth of amaretto vodka.


He even bought me flowers again today, during our usual Sunday grocery trip….


Stay tuned for my first Julia Child’s Art of French Cooking post. I spent all afternoon cooking ratatouille while Gabe ran some errands for us and grilled burgers I had put together. He even came with me to get candles at Bath & Body Works, because they had a particularly awesome today-only sale. All in all, it was a perfect birthday week 🙂



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