New Job: An Update

In an earlier post on gluten-free banana bread (link) I referenced a chocolate-chip plantain version that I, somewhat jokingly, credited with landing me a job interview. After all of my interviewing I’m currently finishing my second week on the job and its been amazing. Probably the biggest adjustment is working from home. Its awesome, but I’m still learning the balance to take breaks and stop working at the end of the day (its harder than I thought it would be).

I wanted to post some pics of my new ‘office,’ perhaps more accurately: office space. I’m quite proud of some of the solutions I came up with to integrate an office space into my one bedroom apartment.

Below is a photo of my desk (I still need to paint one leg I forgot about when quickly getting it together).


The desk is great solid wood, I got it cheap on craigslist and painted it (no sanding required! I found some great instructions on how to do that here). I also wanted to cover the wires and after searching online for cable solutions for ages I finally looked around and realized, hey I have a million books, why not just put those in front of the wires? and viola!

And look, there are still plenty of books for the shelves opposite my desk.


I even have a place for records on the bottom shelf now (much better than my previous storage solution/s).

Here is a photo of the desk side as well, in case you were interested in how that looks.

FullSizeRender (3)

I was really excited when my boss gave me a really cute company clock, which along with my little Athena statue, covers the cords/docking station great from this side. The roses pictured were a random surprise from Gabe during my first week.

I’m fairly proud of my little office, and hope it qualifies as ‘design inspiration’ for those with similar taste/decorating budget/space issues. The freedom to design my own work space really is a symbol of my new job, which is improving my life in so many ways (including providing me with so many opportunities to excel-which is really what we all want from our work, isn’t it?). This means less stress which should lead to even more cooking/crafting/desiging/blogging (yay!). The most difficult part is accepting it.

It was hard for me to take the time to enjoy life during my last professional job, which had turned out not to be the right fit for me. Now that things are going so well I just need to remember to take time to relax and enjoy it. First on my list of things to enjoy: more cooking and blogging…also a date night. We are long-overdue for a nice date night (update: Gabe took me out on a lovely date night to the beautiful Bistro Bella Vita the weekend after this post, what a keeper).


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