SpeakEZ (Grand Rapids)

photo 4 (3)

Exciting development: last week while eating brunch at the SpeakEZ, Gabe actually suggested “we should make brunch our Sunday thing.” In honor of this awesome development I have decided to do my first restaurant review on the SpeakEZ.

I discovered the SpeakEZ with my friend Gerrit during the world cup. Everyone was dressed in their team colors and knew the cheers. It was what I imagine watching the world cup in a real English pub (filled with British soccer hooligans) would be like. The owner is clearly a huge fan of Soccer because the games are always playing and there is a decorative assortment of team scarfs above the bar. The atmosphere is sophisticated yet laid back; an environment which comfortably fosters conversation between strangers at the bar. Patrons vary from hip friends & couples, to families enjoying booths in the darker, quieter, area of the restaurant. The menu is a foodie dream.

photo 1 (1)

Last Sunday, Gabe and I split the Mister Forentine. This brunch-menu sandwich is made with two slices Sourdough bread-grilled in some magical mixture of herbs-and filled with mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, spinach, roasted garlic aioli and topped with a fried egg (served on the side since we split the dish). Hungry yet?

5 Stars for SpeakEZ. Definitely eat here if you ever find yourself in GR, you will not be disappointed (link).


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