Christmas 2015: Engaged/U.P. Holiday

This post is much overdue, but Christmas has the best of us running around like a chickens with our heads cut off. This Christmas turned out to be the most special I’ve ever had so despite it being mid-January (what happened there?) I’m still going to share.

To kick off the holidays, Gabe helped me put up Christmas lights in my bedroom and kitchen (they are still up and I do not plan on taking them down anytime soon as I am a huge fan of soft lighting).



For Christmas, we spent a week in the Upper Peninsula with my parents; and on December 23rd Gabe surprised me by proposing! He did it at the Landmark Inn, a historic hotel/restaurant near my parent’s house in Marquette. He had a room and champagne waiting afterward and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it was pretty magical. Here’s a picture of the ring that I took the next day. Ignore the blue ink on my middle finger…

IMG_0232It was a wonderful engagement; and we had a great time bonding with my parents, finacee, and puppy Roscoe. Roscoe normally takes about 6 months to warm up to anyone new, but loved Gabe as soon as he met met him last summer….he must have sensed he was meeting a new addition to the family.




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