About Me


First off thanks for stopping by my food/lifestyle blog. My name is Christina, I’m a creative type with a few obsessive compulsive tendencies. At first glance these two traits don’t seem to go together. But I think it was Pablo Neruda who said something along the lines of poetry is math on fire…Or something like that.

La Vie Elle Meme, is French for Life Itself. It is the title of the late Roger Ebert’s memoir, a personal hero of mine. He was the only reviewer to ever win the prestigious Pulitzer prize in literature. Part of what made Ebert so successful in his carrier, what made his reviews so compelling, was his rare ability to generalize human experiences without trivializing them. Sometimes the best art is simple. An intelligent man once said If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Today’s world is of distractions. But truly enjoying life involves living in the moment (no matter how simple or seemingly insignificant) not escaping from it. I became obsessed with cooking during a difficult period as a way to save money. I never imagined just how much I would fall in love with the simple process of cooking: that it would become, for me, both a form of meditation and a creative outlet.

Learning to cook has taught me a lot about life. It taught me to take my time, to live in the moment, experiment, and most importantly, to take time for the things that make me happy. I love creating, writing, cooking, and enjoying meals with my friends and fiancee Gabe, and now this blog. This blog is a labor of love for me and my biggest hope for it is to create something of value for a reader. ANY READER. that’s you….Whether foodie or subconsciously aspiring to be.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you have a great day and a fabulous dinner which includes a tasty alcoholic beverage. Cheers.



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